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24 tons of silicon steel shipped to India

2023-09-18 17:56:18
24 tons of silicon steel shipped to India

This shipment of silicon steel is a high quality product manufactured by GNEE, which is well known in the international market for its outstanding performance and reliable quality. They will be used in a number of important industry sectors within India, including energy, transportation and manufacturing.
24 tons of silicon steel

Silicon steel, also known as electrical steel, has core loss (referred to as iron loss) and magnetic induction (referred to as magnetic susceptibility) as the guaranteed value of the product's magnetic properties. Silicon steel is categorized into oriented silicon steel and non-oriented silicon steel. Low silicon steel loss can save a lot of power, extend the motor and transformer operating time and simplify the cooling system. Due to silicon steel loss caused by power loss accounts for 2.5% ~ 4.5% of the annual power generation, of which transformer iron loss accounts for about 50%, 1 ~ 100kW small motor accounts for about 30%, about 15% of the ballast of fluorescent lamps.
silicon steel shipped to India
High magnetic inductance of silicon steel, the core of the excitation current is reduced, but also save power. High magnetic inductance of silicon steel can make the design of the maximum magnetic inductance (Bm) is high, the core size is small, light weight, saving silicon steel, wire, insulation materials and structural materials, etc., not only to make the motor and transformer losses and manufacturing costs, but also easy to assemble and transport. The motors stacked into the core by the circular punch with teeth work under the running condition. Requirements for silicon steel plate is magnetically isotropic, made of non-oriented silicon steel. By the strip laminated into the core or by the strip winding into the core of the transformer in the stationary state of work, with a large magnetic anisotropy of cold rolled grain-oriented silicon steel manufacturing. In addition, the silicon steel is required to have good punching shear, smooth and flat surface and thickness uniformity, good insulation film and magnetic aging is small.
The transportation of this batch of silicon steel can surely be delivered to the destination safely after our careful arrangement!