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Pickled Steel Plate Order Dispatched to New Zealand Buyer by GNEE

2024-05-29 14:44:25
GNEE has successfully sent a customized order for pickled steel plates to a major buyer in New Zealand. The order includes pickled steel plates that meet the customer's requirements, with precise specifications of 0.50 mm thickness and 620 mm width. The plates have undergone GNEE's advanced pickling process to ensure a clean, scale-free surface, enhancing their suitability for a variety of industrial applications.
gnee steel
In May, a New Zealand customer sought high-quality pickled steel plates. They chose GNEE because our company has its own pickling mill unit, with strong production capacity, fast delivery, and support for product customization. We also provide one-stop service to meet customers' service processes from order placement, delivery, arrival to product quality assurance.

The GNEE pickling mill combined unit was completed and put into production on March 18, 2010, with an annual production capacity of 4.05 million tons. For more information and product prices on GNEE's pickled steel products and customized solutions, please contact the customer service team.
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