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JIS G3141
Cold Rolled Steel
JIS G3141 Cold Rolled Steel
JIS G3141 Steel

JIS G3141 Cold Rolled Steel

Product Brand: Gnee
Founding Time: 2008
Sold Countries: 60+
Steel Standard: JIS G3141
Size ranges: 0.2mm-3.0mm*750mm-1500mm*C
Length: 2.44m 3.048m,or other length based on demand.
Custom Size: Available
JIS G3141 Cold Rolled Steel
JIS G3141 Cold Rolled Steel is known for its excellent formability, surface quality, and dimensional accuracy.  It is produced through a precise cold rolling process that reduces the thickness of the steel while improving its mechanical properties. The resulting material exhibits uniform thickness, flatness, and consistent mechanical characteristics.
Grade Designation Applications Characteristics
SPCC General use, including automotive panels Excellent formability and surface quality, suitable for deep drawing and punching operations
SPCD Drawing and fabrication of parts Improved strength and elongation compared to SPCC, suitable for moderate forming and bending
SPCE Deep drawing and fabrication of parts Excellent deep drawing ability, good surface quality, suitable for complex forming operations
SPCEN Extra deep drawing and fabrication of parts Superior deep drawing ability, excellent surface quality, suitable for intricate and deep forming
SPCF Forming of parts requiring better surface Improved workability and surface finish, suitable for applications that require good appearance
SPCG General deep drawing of parts Excellent deep drawing ability, smooth surface finish, suitable for intricate and complex forming


Q1.Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A:We are factory.
Q2.How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A:Quality is priority. Our people always attach great importance to quality.Controlling from the production beginning to the end.We have well-trained and professional workers and strict QC system in each production link. And each product has to be 100% inspected before shipment.
Q3.What's your delivery time?
A:In general,the delivery time is within 7days after payment.We'll make the delivery as soon as possiable with the guaranteed quality. 

Common Applications :

Automotive Industry: JIS G3141 Cold Rolled Steel is used in the manufacturing of automobile parts such as body panels, chassis components, and structural parts. Its high formability and surface finish make it suitable for shaping complex automotive components.
Appliances: Cold Rolled Steel based on JIS G3141 is used in the production of appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and electrical equipment. Its excellent surface quality and corrosion resistance contribute to the durability and aesthetic appeal of these products.
Construction: JIS G3141 Cold Rolled Steel is employed in the construction industry for various purposes, including roofing, cladding, and structural components. Its dimensional accuracy, strength, and surface finish contribute to the overall quality and longevity of construction projects.
Electrical Equipment: JIS G3141 Cold Rolled Steel is utilized in the production of electrical enclosures, cabinets, and components for electrical and electronic equipment. Its precise dimensions, consistent quality, and surface finish ensure the reliability and performance of these products.
Why Choose Us?
We are committed to delivering JIS G3141 Cold Rolled Steel of the highest quality.  Our products undergo strict quality control measures to ensure excellent surface finish, dimensional accuracy, and consistent mechanical properties.  With GNEE, you can trust that you are receiving top-notch cold rolled steel that meets the highest industry standards.

About Us:

GNEE GROUP, established in 2008 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, has grown into a comprehensive steel supply chain enterprise after more than a decade of hard work and perseverance. It has five subsidiaries located in different countries and regions, including Anyang, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Zhengzhou, and Singapore, and its influence has reached out around the world.
As a subsidiary of GNEE GROUP, GNEE STEEL is situated adjacent to Anyang Iron and Steel, the north of HBIS, south of Wuyang steel, east of Shangang and Rizhao Iron and Steel, giving it access to abundant sources of goods. In 2023, GNEE STEEL completed the construction and commenced production at its factory in Qingxin with an investment of over 35 million yuan and a warehouse area of over 4,000 square meters. 

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