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AH36 Shipbuilding Steel Plate

2021-07-16 09:59:18
Client left message to our website dated May, 12, 2020. It says AH36 DNV society is required. 4t and 5t with 1524mm and 6093mm in width and length. This grade is common but DNV DET NORSKE VERITAS is not easy to find in China, unless there is leftover from big order fortunately. After talking with Client, there materials are for ship repairing so the DNV is not 100% necessary, which makes the order easier. After checking all data in our warehouse, we find LR stock in warehouse with enough quantity for client. However the width and length is slightly different with requirement. It takes some time to check carefully with technician and it gets approval based on positive tolerance of our stock specification. After all these work done, we can supply these materials to client. 

Shipbuilding steel plate is a big category of steel, which has 9 society classes, CCS ABS GL BV DNV NK LR KR RINA mainly. It is mainly used in shipbuilding construction. There are different grades upon different strengths. And different grades upon different temperature requirements. All plates will be endorsed by professional team inside steel mill to ensure the quality.

Shipbuilding plate is our main product. We are able to supply big and small quantity.

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