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Rusting Corten Steel Sample for Customer

2020-07-03 13:48:31
Here is one of our  customer who need Corten steel for decoration purpose of their project.

The thickness ranks from 0.5mm-3mm. They want to check which thickness is more suitable for them and make the right decision. After checking,they comment that our rusting treatment on the Corten surface is very smooth and attractive, which is very satisfied by them. So finally they place two containers order with rusty treatment. Rusty Corten steel is widely used in decoration, planter, fire pit, BBQ, etc.

When customer received the goods, they are so satisfied with it and recommend us to more customers in the future cooperation. For Gnee, our aim is to be “Your reliable source for steel”.  We would definitely do the best to support our customer’s need and always put quality and service as priority.

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