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GNEE Ships DX54D Gi coil to Poland Buyer

2024-06-06 09:57:59
In May 2024, we received an inquiry from a Poland customer. This Poland customer is a large manufacturer of building materials who are looking for high-quality galvanized steel coils for construction projects. After learning about the customer's needs in detail, GNEE responded quickly and provided a product catalog and technical parameters related to galvanised steel coils.

In order to communicate the product details more effectively, we arranged a video conference with the customer. In the meeting, we introduced GNEE's production capabilities and the production process of gi coils in detail. The customer appreciated our professionalism and quick response and expressed interest in learning more about our products.

In order to further determine the cooperation, we arranged a customer visit. Invite the customer to come to our company, visit our factory, and show every detail of the galvanized metal steel coil production line, from the incoming inspection of raw materials to the quality control of finished products. The customer is quite satisfied with our strict production process and quality control.
After the customer learned about the production process in detail, our technical team had an in-depth technical exchange with the customer. According to the customer's specific application requirements, we recommended DX54D galvanized coil. This product has excellent deep drawing performance and super corrosion resistance, which is very suitable for manufacturing high-demand building materials. After several rounds of technical exchanges and details confirmation, the customer decided to use DX54D+Z275, indicating that the product of this specification can best meet their needs.

After the technical details were determined, the two parties entered the contract negotiation stage. We discussed the supply quantity, delivery time, packaging requirements and other relevant details in detail. In the end, the two parties successfully signed the supply contract and clarified the responsibilities and time nodes of each link.

After the contract was signed, GNEE strictly followed the customer's requirements to ensure that the quality and specifications of each roll of DX54D+Z275 galvanized coil met the standards. After the production was completed, our quality inspection team conducted a comprehensive inspection to ensure that the product was free of any defects.

The logistics team carefully packed each roll of steel and used moisture-proof and shock-proof materials to ensure safety during transportation. Then arrange a reliable transportation company to ensure that the product is delivered to Poland on time.

The goods arrived in Poland smoothly, and the customer conducted a detailed acceptance after receiving the goods. All galvanized coils meet the quality standards stipulated in the contract, and the customer is very satisfied with this cooperation.

GNEE's Hot-selling Galvanized Steel Roll:
GNEE Steel Group sells and processes galvanized materials (galvanized coils, galvanized sheets, galvanized strips) all year round, with a monthly inventory of 2,000 tons.
Complete materials: DX51D DX52D DX53D DX54D DX56D DX57D
Layers: Z20 Z40 Z60 Z80 Z120 Z140 Z275
Thickness: 0.5mm~3.0mm
Width: 1000mm 1219mm 1250mm 1500mm.
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