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GNEE Ships HDG steel coil to Kazakhstan Customer

2024-06-05 09:44:37
The Kazakhstan company needs to purchase a batch of high-specification HDG steel coils for the manufacture of building structures and roof systems.

The Kazakhstan customer first had a preliminary communication with our sales staff through online meetings and emails, and learned about GNEE's products and services in detail.

GNEE sent a small batch of samples for the customer to conduct performance testing and quality evaluation. The results showed that the samples fully met the customer's needs.

In order to further confirm the feasibility of the cooperation, the Kazakhstan customer sent a procurement and technical team to GNEE for a field visit in person.
gnee steel

GNEE warmly received the customer, and the two sides conducted in-depth technical exchanges and project discussions.

The customer visited GNEE's production workshop and quality inspection department, and learned about the production process and quality control measures in detail.

The customer witnessed multiple links of testing in the production process on site, and further confirmed the product quality and process level.

After on-site inspection and sufficient communication, the customer highly recognized GNEE's production capacity and quality control system. The two parties formally signed a purchase contract.

GNEE completed the production task on time and arranged a professional logistics team to deliver the goods safely to the warehouse of the Kazakhstan customer. Throughout the process, GNEE maintained close communication with customers to ensure that every link went smoothly.

This successful cooperation not only met the needs of Kazakhstan customers, but also opened up new market opportunities for GNEE. The good cooperation between the two parties has laid a solid foundation for more projects in the future.

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