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API 5L SSAW steel pipe
API 5L SSAW steel pipe
API 5L SSAW steel pipe
API 5L SSAW steel pipe

API 5L SSAW Welded Spiral Steel Pipe

SSAW (Spiral Submerged-Arc Welded) Steel Pipes, also called HSAW pipe, with welding seam in spiral(helix) type, can be manufactured in large diameter and length.
Product introduction
API 5L SSAW (Submerged Arc Welding) spiral steel pipe is a carbon steel pipe that meets the API 5L specification. It is commonly used in the oil and gas industry for the transportation of hydrocarbons and in other industries such as water supply, construction and structural applications.

The SSAW welding process involves forming a spiral weld by feeding a continuous strip of steel through a series of rolls and then welding the edges together with submerged arc welding. The result is a strong and durable joint that can withstand high pressures and stresses.

API 5L SSAW spiral steel pipe is available in various diameters and wall thicknesses. It is suitable for transporting large quantities of liquids and gases over long distances. The spiral shape of this pipe allows it to be installed in a more flexible manner, as it can easily be bent to follow the contours of the terrain. This makes it ideal for applications where pipelines need to be installed around obstructions or in areas that are difficult to access.
Standard API 5L, GB/T9711,
Grade Q235,Q345,B,X42,X52,X60,X65,X70
application As conveyer pipe in the fields of petroleum , heat, and natural gas, construction pipe, ground piling pipe
Outside diameter 219-2420mm
Wall thickness 5.00-30.00mm
Length 6-20m
Technique Double sides submerged arc welding steel pipe
Certificate ISO9001:2008, API SPEC 5L
Package details in bundles, case packing, or bulk pack
Technical data
Chemical Composition
API 5L Steel Grade C Mn P S
Max Max Min Max Max
ISO 3183
GB/T 9711
A25/L175 0.21 0.60   0.030 0.030
A25P/L175P 0.21 0.60   0.080 0.030
A/L210 0.22 0.90   0.030 0.030
B/L245 0.28 1.20   0.030 0.030
X42/L290 0.28 1.30   0.030 0.030
X46/L320,X52/L360,X56/390 0.28 1.40   0.030 0.030
X60/L415,X65/L450,X70/L485 0.28 1.40   0.030 0.030
B/L245 0.24 1.20   0.025 0.015
X42/L290 0.24 1.30   0.025 0.015
X46/L320,X52/L360,X56/L390 0.24 1.40   0.025 0.015
X60/L415,X65/L450,X70/L485 0.24 1.40   0.025 0.015
Mechanical Properties Standard
Class Grade Yield Strength
Yield Strength
min max min max max
PSL2 L245R or BR
L245N or BN
L245Q or BQ
L245M or BM
245 450 415 655 0.93
L290R or X42R
L290N or X42N
L290Q or X42Q
L290M or X42M
290 495 415 655 0.93
L320N or X46N
L320Q or X46Q
L320M or X46M
320 525 435 655 0.93
L360N or X52N
L360Q or X52Q
L360M or X52M
360 530 460 760 0.93
L390N or X56N
L390Q or X56Q
L390M or X56M
390 545 490 760 0.93
L415N or X60N
L415Q or X60Q
L415M or X60M
415 565 520 760 0.93
L450Q or X65Q
L450M or X65M
450 600 535 760 0.93
L485Q or X70Q
L485M or X70M
485 635 570 760 0.93
L555Q or X80Q
L555M or X80M
555 705 625 825 0.93
L625M or X90M
L625Q or X90Q
625 775 695 915 0.95
L690M or X100M
L690Q or X100Q
690 840 760 990 0.97








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