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SS330 Stainless steel
330 Stainless steel
SS330 Stainless steel
Stainless steel

UNS-N08330 SS330 stainless steel

330 is an austenitic, nickel-chromium-iron-silicon alloy. It combines excellent resistance to carburization and oxidation at temperatures up to 2200 F(1200 C) with high strength. Extensively used in high temperature environments where resistance to the combine effects of thermal cycling and carburization is necessary.
Product information
SS330 steel is an austenitic heat and corrosion resisting alloy that offers a combination of strength and resistance to carburization, oxidation and thermal shock. This alloy was designed for applications in high temperature industrial environments where good resistance to the combined effects of carburization and thermal cycling are required, such as the heat treat industry. Carburization and oxidation resistance to about 2100°F are enhanced by the silicon content of the alloy. 330 stainless remains fully austenitic at all temperatures and is not subject to embrittlement from sigma formation. It has a solid solution composition and is not hardenable by heat treatment. The alloy's strength and oxidation resistance at high temperatures make it a useful material for industrial heating furnaces.
Technical data

Chemical Properties:

Element Average Nominal %
Chromium 18.00 – 22.00
Nickel 34.00 37.00
Carbon 0.08 Max
Silicon 1.00 – 1.50
Manganese 2.00 Max
Phosphorus 0.03 Max
Sulfur 0.03 Max
Copper 1.00 Max
Iron Balance

Mechanical Properties:

Physical Properties
  Units Temperature in °C
Density 8.0 g/cm³ Room
Specific Heat 0.12 Kcal/kg.C 22°
Melting Range 1400 - 1425 °C -
Modulus of Elasticity 197 KN/mm² 20°
Electrical Resistivity 101.7 µΩ.cm Room
Coefficient of Expansion 14.4 µm/m °C 20 - 100°
Thermal Conductivity 12.5 W/m -°K 24°

ASTM Specifications
Pipe / Tube Sheet / Plate Bar Forging / Forging Stock
B 535, B 710 B 536 B 511, B 512


1.Q:How many years does your company enter stainless steel business?

   A:We're the professional manufacturer.

        Stainless steel pipe is our main product.

2.Q: What's the stainless steel pipe's MOQ?

   A: Each size 1 ton, total order 6 tons.

3.Q: What's the type of your pipe?

    A: They are all stainless steel welded pipe, not seamless.

         The main shape is round pipe;square pipe;rectangle pipe;oval pipe and slotted pipe.

4.Q: What is the pipe normal length ?

    A: Normally we produce 5.8 merters or 6 meters.

         20ft container is fit for 5.8m pipe; 40ft container is fit for 6m pipe.

5.Q: Can you accept OEM or ODM?

    A: Sure,we can make the logo on the pipe as your requirement.

         The customized PP bag and fibre bag are available.

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