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API 5L Seamless Steel Pipe
Seamless Steel Pipe
Steel Pipe

API 5L Seamless Steel Pipe

Product Brand: Gnee
Founding Time: 2008
Sold Countries: 60+
Steel Standard: API 5L
Outer diameter: 10.3 mm-812.8 mm
Wall thickness: 1.5 mm-45 mm
Length: 6m, 9m or other length based on demand
Custom Size: Available
API 5L Seamless Steel Pipe
GNEE Company is committed to the production and supply of high-quality API 5L seamless steel pipe, we use high-quality steel as raw materials to ensure the excellent quality of API 5L seamless steel pipe. These raw materials meet the requirements of the API 5L standard and have good corrosion resistance, high strength and excellent mechanical properties to ensure the reliable operation of the pipeline system.
Grade Designation Characteristics Applications
API 5L Grade B High tensile strength, good weldability Oil and gas transmission pipelines
API 5L Grade X42 High strength, excellent toughness, good weldability Oil and gas transmission pipelines
API 5L Grade X52 High strength, improved corrosion resistance Oil and gas transmission pipelines
API 5L Grade X60 Excellent strength, impact resistance Oil and gas transmission pipelines
API 5L Grade X65 High strength, good toughness, fatigue resistance Oil and gas transmission pipelines
API 5L Grade X70 Very high strength, excellent toughness Oil and gas transmission pipelines
API 5L Grade X80 Ultra-high strength, good impact resistance Oil and gas transmission pipelines, offshore rigs


1.What's the annual output?
produce more than 25000 tons stainless steel tubes in a year.
2. How about the quality of your pipes
Our tubes can get fully welding and smoonth inner welding, without blisters,leak welding or black line. All of our tube are good for tube bending.
3. How do you control the quality during the polishing process?
1)As for the mirror polish square/rectangular tube , we will polish it as least four times)
2)During the polishing processing, we set a special sanding wheel to polish the welding part.
3)To avoid scratches,after polishing,the tubes will be lay out on a steel crate then we could lift the whole steel crate instead of the tube.
4)On the other hand, we use the gunny bags to protect the tube's surface when the tube laying-out.
4. How do you inspect the tubes?
The Quality inspectors inspect the tubes during each production processes from raw material,tube welding,polishing,packaging.
1) Before the production of each machine, we will have the first checked and record the data.
2). During the production, our inspector and engineer have been carefully moniting and we record the data every two hours.


Oil and Gas Industry: API 5L Seamless Steel Pipe is extensively used for transporting oil, gas, and other fluids in the oil and gas industry. It is used in exploration, production, and transportation of petroleum and natural gas.
Petrochemical Industry: API 5L Seamless Steel Pipe is utilized in the petrochemical industry for conveying various chemicals, gases, and liquids used in the production of petrochemical products.
Refining Industry: API 5L Seamless Steel Pipe is employed in refineries for the transportation of crude oil and refined petroleum products.
Power Generation: API 5L Seamless Steel Pipe is used in power plants for transporting steam, condensate, and other fluids required in power generation processes.
Construction and Infrastructure: API 5L Seamless Steel Pipe is utilized in construction projects for the installation of pipelines, water supply systems, and infrastructure development.
Mining Industry: API 5L Seamless Steel Pipe is employed in mining operations for the transportation of slurries, mine tailings, and other materials.
Why Choose Us?
Gnee (Tianjin) Multinational Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Anyang City, Henan Province, China, which is a professional steel company with domestic and foreign trade.
Our hot products include stainless steel plate/tube/coil, carbon steel plate/tube/coil, galvanized plate/tube/coil, copper plate/tube and aluminum plate/tube, pre-painted steel coil, PPGI/PPGL, roofing sheet, angle steel, deformed bar and round steel, etc. The products are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, railroad, automobile, paper making and construction engineering.
We have a long term close trade relationship with famous domestic steel companies such as Shandong Steel, Tangshan Steel, Handan Steel and Jinxi Steel. We have a team of over 150 people in Anyang City.

Our annual sales are nearly 1 billion, about millions of tons of steel, and our customers come from all over the world. Honesty is the only principle of GNEE trade, and we will always serve you with full sincerity and enthusiasm.

Our Service:

Advanced production process: We have advanced production equipment and technology, using hot rolled or cold drawn process to manufacture API 5L seamless steel pipe. These processes ensure the uniformity of the pipe, the smoothness of the inner and outer surfaces and the accuracy of the dimensions, resulting in better fluid properties and durability of the steel pipe during transportation.
Strict quality control: We implement quality control measures in strict accordance with API 5L standards, from raw material procurement to every link in the production process, to ensure that each API 5L seamless steel pipe meets the specified chemical composition, mechanical properties and size requirements. We conduct a variety of tests and inspections, including chemical analysis, mechanical properties testing, non-destructive testing, etc., to ensure the reliability and consistency of our products.
Wide range of specifications and options: We offer a wide range of specifications and options to meet different customer needs and applications. Whether it is the diameter, wall thickness or length of the piping system, we can customize it according to customer requirements.

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